Spring Mower Maintenance

Spring Mower Maintenance

How to Tune-Up a Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert

After six months of cold storage, your lawn mower might need a little jump start to wake up from hibernation.

Doing a spring tune-up is not only good for the performance of your mower; it keeps your equipment running smoothly.

Lawn Mower Maintenance KitEvery 3,000 miles you need an oil change on your car. Likewise, it's important to change your lawn mower oil every mowing season. 

Another maintenance procedure is replacing the spark plugs on your mower. After a full summer of mowing, they can get beat up

To keep your lawn mower running in top form, you will also want to replace your air filter. It's important to have a clean air filter so particles like dust and mold don't damage your engine.

The last thing you'll need to do is put a container of fuel stabilizer in your gas tank. This prevents gas from clogging the tank or fuel lines and promotes quicker engine starting

You can buy a fuel stabilizer online at our site, and we'll ship it directly to your door.

Since you need to work on your lawn mower annually, buy several of these products at once and reduce the shipping costs.