Lawn Mower Racing? It's A Thing

Lawn Mower Racing? It's A Thing

Super-Charged Racing Mower Madness

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If you haven't seen it, you might not think it's serious.

But for real, lawn mower racing is a thing. And it's getting more popular.

These aren't your grand dad's tractors though.

Racing mowers are built for speed (not for comfort), capable of reaching 60 mph on a track.

British Lawn Mower Racing Association LogoLike most things, lawn mower racing was born of necessity. It was created by enterprising youths who found traditional motor sports too cost-prohibitive.

The first two organizations to embrace mower racing were the Twelve Mile Lions Club and the British Lawn Mower Racing Association. The first American race was held on July 4, 1963, in Twelve Mile, Indiana, an annual tradition that continues today.

Racing Lawn MowerA key characteristic of lawn mower racing, is the use of both the original lawn mower engine and chassis. Sure, the actual mowers used in races don't resemble the lawn tractor in your garage very much, but they started that way.

The main difference with a regular mower lies in the fact the cutting deck is removed. Oh, and the fact racing mowers cruise at speeds typically 5-6x faster than regular riding mowers.

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If all this talk of lawn mowers is getting your engine revved up and you want to try your hand at some racing, you're in luck. There are numerous United States Lawn Mower Racing Association local chapters. You can join an existing one, or start your own.

Sitting on a regular riding mower is an awesome feeling. Now just imagine doing that at 30 mph. What a way to treat yourself to some high-octane turf time.

First things first, if you don't already have one, you'll need to invest in a lawn tractor: