The Best Garden Tillers of 2023

The Best Garden Tillers of 2023

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Garden Tillers

Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert

Looking for the best tiller for breaking new ground? Who doesn’t want fruitful, productive soil in their lawn or garden? That's why we put together the Best Garden Tillers of 2022 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect model for your needs.


If you're not sure what kind of tiller you need, check out our Rototiller Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.

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Best Garden Tillers & Cultivators List

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Learn More About Mantis 7940
Expert Review
The Mantis #7940 cultivator/ mini tiller is easy to start, quiet and the Honda 4-cycle engine means no fuel mixing required. Originally manufactured for professional landscapers in the late 70's, tens of thousands of these Mantis cultivator/ mini tillers have been sold to home gardeners. The Mantis #7940 cultivator/mini tiller features the patented Mantis reversible serpentine tines. You can till a 9" path that is suitable for preparing the ground for gardens and edge lawns. The powerful serpentine tines rotate up to 240 RPM, digging through 10" of soil. This Mantis also has a one-piece gearbox design that ensures its durability - extending the wear of the tiller even through tough tasks such as tilling dense and clumpy soil. The Mantis #7940 is a must-have tool for the serious gardening enthusiast. You'll dig through sod and hard (even rocky) soil with amazing ease. And all this power comes in a very lightweight package weighing in at only 24 pounds!
Powerful Honda 25cc 4-Cycle Engine
  • Requires no mixing of oil and gas
  • Easy to start and is a little more quiet than a 2-cycle engine
Precision Steel Cut Gear System
  • Heavy-duty cast housing
  • Spring-steel serpentine tines turn at up to 240 RPM's
  • Chop through tough sod or hard clay soil as easily as sand and muck
9-Inch Tilling Width
  • Get into tighter spots than a larger tiller
Soft Sure-Grip Handles
  • Ergonomically flared for wrist-comfort and fatigue-free operation
  • Flush-mounted throttle, palm-controlled safety switch & infinite speed control
Get All Your Garden Chores Done Faster And Easier
  • Does it all - from busting tough sod to weeding around delicate plants

Learn More About Earthquake MC43
Expert Review
The Earthquake MC43 2-cycle gas cultivator is ideal for working in smaller gardens and areas where space is limited. The Earthquake MC43 gas cultivator is a garden superstar when it comes to weeding, working in fertilizer or mixing soil. Its small size and lightweight design allow it to easily maneuver through the rows of your garden without damaging your plants. This cultivator features a high-performance 43cc Viper 2-cycle engine that delivers the right amount of power to work through all different types of soil with a max tilling depth of 4-inches. The Earthquake MC43 also has hardened brass and steel gears, an adjustable wheel and drag stake, and tines that spin up to 250 RPM. The MC43 cultivator is available with both a recoil start and Earthquake's patented keyed electric start. You'll be impressed with its easy maneuverability in tight spaces. The Earthquake MC43 cultivator saves you time and energy. It's the easiest way to get rid of weeds while working in some air for a healthier garden.
43cc Viper 2-Cycle Engine
  • Loosen and mix soil, blend fertilizer, and eliminate weed growth
6-Inch Or 10-Inch Tilling Width
  • Ideal for homeowners who want to prepare smaller areas
Shallow, Deep or Somewhere In-Between
  • Adjustable cultivating depth with wheels & drag stake
Lightweight For Easy Maneuvering And Transport
  • Favorite of those with small vegetable, flower or herb gardens
  • 250 rpm tine rotation speed
  • Carrying bar make loading & unloading easy
  • Easily maneuver through the rows without damaging your plants
  • Aerate and de-weed your garden at the same time

Learn More About Mantis 3558
Expert Review
Envision a future where pesky weeds are extinct, your garden tends to itself, and our carbon footprint is reduced to that of a fingerprint. Now, let's revert to reality and realize that the future you just envisioned is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. You can, however, do your part by going electric with the Mantis 58-Volt Lithium-Ion tiller/cultivator. The Mantis #3558 is not the Mantis you may have seen over the last few years, decades even. It has the power to bury itself, if you let it, with an impressive 58-Volt output and highly capable power-trowel tines. In order to make operation a little easier and maximize battery life, this tiller/cultivator also features two speed settings to choose from, depending on the application. The 30-minute runtime provided by the 58-Volt 2.5 Amp is ideal for most residential jobs, with backup batteries available for those looking for more juice. In addition to efficiency and power, the Mantis #3558 is intuitively designed so that you can get the most out of your tiller. Exercise the adjustable depth settings ranging from 4- 8" depending on plants, seed, or feed you are mixing into your garden space or a raised bed. Regardless of the application, you don't need to worry about overworking this Mantis - because you can't. Built-in overload protection automatically shuts down the unit in case of an overload, protecting both the motor and battery. To top off the list of intuitive features, just fold it down...for storage or transportation, I mean. Yes, the handlebar folds down small enough to fit in a trunk in seconds - no tools required. Batteries have come a long way since the heavy lead acid days, and I encourage you to give this 58-Volt Lithium-Ion powered Mantis tiller/cultivator a try. The Mantis #3558 receives two green thumbs up.
Silent & Capable 58-Volt 2.5 Amp Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Delivers direct power needed to cultivate or break ground
  • Built-in overload protection kills the motor to prevent damage
Pre-Set Speeds
  • Speed 1: delivers up to 200 RPM (+/- 10%)
  • Speed 2: delivers up to 300 RPM (+/- 10%)
  • Simply switch between speeds to match your application or soil type
Power-Trowel Tines
  • Flexible, yet rigid design reduces the chance of a broken tine
  • Great for most tilling, cultivating, and/or weeding demands
  • (12") tilling width and (8") tilling depth for bed prepping/garden rows
Full Charge Ahead
  • Only take about 90 minutes to fully charge your battery
  • A full charge provides an impressive (aprox.) 30+ minutes of runtime
Comfortably Compact
  • No learning curve, fingertip controls are intuitive and straightforward
  • Weighs only 26 pounds and features a padded ergonomic handlebar

Learn More About Mantis 3550
Expert Review
As one of the most highly coveted brands in the rototiller industry, Mantis is known for its incredibly powerful, yet compact design. The Mantis #3350 is no exception and embodies the same characteristics that have made the brand and product a household name - and then some. Though electric tillers were not popularized until recently, don't let the cord fool you. The direct power provided by the 120-Volt electric motor is comparable to the performance of a gas-powered unit with more than enough moxie to chew through most soil types. Being electric, your plants and neighbors will also appreciate the emission-free and nearly silent operation provided by the Mantis. Dual speed settings and three rear wheel adjustments allow you to better control your tine RPM and tilling depth, which make this cultivator a well-rounded choice. Additionally, the push-button start and feather-light 24 lb. weight makes this Mantis ideal for operators of all sizes and experience levels. So, whether you are a weekend gardener or a homeowner simply looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance cultivator/tiller for general use, you cannot go wrong with the #3550.
Quiet & Powerful 120-Volt Double Insulated Electric Motor
  • Built-in overload protection kills the motor to prevent damage
  • Delivers direct power needed cultivate or break ground
Pre-Set Speeds
  • Speed 1: delivers up to 260 RPM
  • Speed 2: delivers up to 310 RPM
  • Simply switch between speeds to match your application or soil type
Power-Trowel Tines
  • Flexible, yet rigid design reduces the chance of a broken tine
  • Great for most tilling, cultivating, and/or weeding demands
  • (12") tilling width and (8") tilling depth for bed prepping/garden rows
Comfortably Compact
  • Weighs only 24 pounds and features a padded ergonomic handlebar
  • No learning curve, fingertip controls are intuitive and straightforward
Retractable, 3-Position Wheels
  • Go 8" deep by simply raising wheels to topmost height
  • Adjusting between heights takes seconds, no tools required

Learn More About Earthwise TC70001
Expert Review
The Earthwise TC70001 is an 8.5-amp electric cultivator that delivers a quick and easy way to loosen the soil in your garden and prepare it for planting. If the area you are working in isn't huge, this cultivator is an economical option to a larger, gas powered garden tiller. The Earthwise TC70001 electric cultivator has four (4) forward-rotating steel front tines. You can also adjust the depth up to eight inches. The Earthwise TC70001 is suitable for stirring and mixing soil in your garden, as well as weeding and aerating. But don't expect to break up hard packed soil or clay for a new garden – you'll probably be disappointed with the performance. You'll also like how easy the Earthwise TC70001 electric cultivator is to start. You simply have to push a button to start the machine. You don't have to mix gas and oil or yank on a cord all day to get it going.
8.5-Amp Electric Motor
  • delivers approximately 3/4 HP to tines
  • No gas/oil to mix, just plug in and start tilling
4 Forward Rotating Steel Tines
  • 8-inch tilling depth
11" Cutting Width
  • Easy to fit through tight spaces
  • Maneuvers nimbly in narrow rows and along fences
Instant Electric Start
  • Easy push-button safely engages tiller operation
  • Ideal for new beds or weeding
Weighs Only 25 Pounds
  • Lightweight and easy to handle; work longer with less fatigue

Learn More About Merry Tiller RT1450IC
305cc Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle OHV IC Engine
  • Commercial grade power with 14.5 lb-ft gross torque
  • Includes dual air filter and drain
  • Dura-Bore cylinder sleeves protect engine from dust particles
Separate Chain Drive Transmissions
  • Factory lubricated transmissions on wheels/tines
  • Self-propelled with (3) forward speeds and (1) reverse speed
  • Hand clutch engaged wheel drive and lever engaged tines
  • Heat-treated and hardened sprockets/shafts
Double V-Belt Drive System
  • Multiple belts divide operating load
  • Compact design and reduced vibration
Bolo Tines
  • Great for deep tilling and cultivating with little clogging
  • Welded, hardened, and polished carbon steel design
Adjustable Drag Bar Assembly
  • Helps balance machine and increases safety
  • Adjusts to accommodate varied working conditions

Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert
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