Gas Handheld String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

Gas Handheld String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Gas Handheld String Trimmer

Jake, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert

Gas handheld string trimmers are the most commonly used style of trimmer. They offer unmatched power and freedom of movement.

They are powerful enough to cut through thicker weeds, but maneuverable enough to use just about anywhere.


Gas handheld string trimmers offer different features for entry-level users and commercial users, so whether you're a homeowner or a professional, there's a model that will fit your needs.

Entry-Level Mid-Grade Commercial
Entry-Level Gas String Trimmer Mid-Grade Gas String Trimmer Commercial Gas String Trimmer
Engine CCs: 21 - 33 CC 21 - 43 CC 21 - 46 CC
Cutting Width: 16 - 18" 15 - 18" 9 - 17"


Entry-Level Gas Handheld String Trimmers

Entry-Level Gas Handheld String TrimmerAffordable and simple in design, entry-level gas handheld string trimmers are ideal for the homeowner with minimal trimming to do. They're designed for around two hours of use per week.

These trimmers tend to be a little bulkier than your typical electric string trimmer, so some models might have trouble trimming in tight spaces. However, they're excellent for the areas in a homeowner's yard that most often need trimming:

  • Borderless flower beds
  • Short walkways
  • Small driveways

If you want the power of a gas engine and don't mind refilling your trimmer's gas or oil, you'll enjoy using an entry-level gas trimmer.


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Mid-Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

Mid-Grade Gas Handheld String TrimmerMid-grade trimmers are a step up, offering more features, comforts, and ease of use. These are for the homeowner who has more than minimal trimming to do.

What makes mid-grade gas trimmers an upgrade from entry-level trimmers?

  • More engine power
  • Components designed for five to ten hours of weekly use
  • Ergonomic comfort features, such as bicycle-style handles

If you're a weekend warrior who wants to get a professional look without paying the professional price, a mid-grade gas string trimmer might be right for you.

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Commercial-Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

Commercial Gas Handheld String TrimmerCommercial gas string trimmers are built to last and easy to maintain. They're the preferred choice of professional landscapers for several reasons:

  • Offer easy access to air filters and other parts that often need service
  • Can get into tight spaces
  • Made from high-quality components designed for eight hours of use, seven days a week

Homeowners may be interested in investing in a commercial gas handheld string trimmer because they'll last longer. If you have a large lot, or you find yourself trimming a few times a week, it may be a worthwhile investment to ensure that your trimmer will stand up to the challenge and never let you down.

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Jake, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert
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