Best Gang Reel Mowers

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Gang Reel Mowers

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If you like the clean cut that a reel mower provides but don’t like the idea of spending hours mowing a large lawn with a push reel mower, have we got the answer for you.

For more advice before you buy, check out our Gang Reel Mower Buyer’s Guide. You know where to come back to when you’re ready to buy!!

Gang reel mowers can cut down your mowing time by thirds. Our lists of the best-selling, top-rated, and expert-recommended mowers can do the same for your shopping time. Take a look!

Top 10 Selling Gang Reel Mowers

Top 10 Rated Gang Reel Mowers

Recommended Gang Reel Mowers

Top Tow-Behind Gang Reel Finishing Mowers
ProMow Sport Series 7 Gang Reel Mower (6-Blade)
The ProMow Sport 7 is a top of the line 7 gang reel mower that is ideal for home owners with large properties, or maintenance crews mowing sports fields, golf courses etc. The Sport 7 features ProMow's finest 21" reel. Cutting width max's out ...
ProMow Gold Series 5 Gang Reel Mower (6-Blade)
The ProMow Gold 5 is a tow-behind, five gang reel mower that delivers a quality cut for really large yards! Ideal for home, sports, and light commercial use, NO LAWN is too large or small. The Gold 5 mower is a finishing mower that has a full 8 f...
ProMow Pro Series 3 Gang Reel Finish Mower (5-Blade)
The ProMow Pro 3 is a 3 reel tow behind mower which only requires a 7 hp mower or greater tractor or ATV to be pulled so it is a great choice for smaller areas. It delivers a nice cut when mowing grass up to 4" high. This mower provides a good 4...
Large, Healthy LawnA gang reel mower provides a scissor-quality cut, greatly reducing moisture loss to promote a rich, green, healthy turf.

The clippings fall back onto your lawn, providing the turf with a natural fertilizer as they decompose.

Each reel will follow the contour of the turf, eliminating scalping or uneven cuts.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

No Speeding]Don't be seduced by claims of blistering mowing speeds with a gang reel mower.

Generally, 4 - 5 mph is the top speed for a good quality of cut. Any faster and these mowers tend not to cut or discharge properly.

Although you have to take them slowly, you cut hours from your mowing time with their vast cutting width.

Number of Reels

Mower with Multiple ReelsThree reel gang mowers are the smallest with cutting widths between 4 - 5 feet.

Five reel gang mowers will get the job done faster with cutting widths of 6 - 8 feet.

For really large expanses of grass, seven reel gang mowers have cutting widths of more than 11 feet.

Towing a Gang Reel Mower

Garden TractorGang mowers can weigh hundreds of pounds so you need something powerful to pull them.

Garden tractors have large enough engines to handle the job. You can also attach a gang mower to an ATV.


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