Best Rough Cut Mowers

Best Rough Cut Mowers

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Rough Cut Mowers

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Don’t think that walk-behind mowers are just for neat, tidy lawns. With these walk-behind rough-cut mowers, even thick brush and overgrowth won’t stand in your way.

We’ve compiled lists of the best-selling, top-rated, and expert-recommended rough cut mowers you’ll find on our site. The outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of starts with the right equipment, so start shopping below!

Top 10 Selling Rough Cut Mowers

Top 10 Rated Rough Cut Mowers

Recommended Rough Cut Mowers

Top Walk Behind Rough Cut Lawn Mowers
Little Wonder BRC-26 (26") 389cc Self-Propelled Rough Cut Mower
The Little Wonder BRC-26 is great for tackling the toughest jobs. It will navigate through weeds, heavy brush & overgrown vegetation with ease. It is equipped with a 389cc Honda GXV390 commercial engine which is known for their reliability, durabi...
Billy Goat Outback (26") 388cc Honda Rough Cut Mower
The Billy Goat BC2600HM ranks as one of the best rough cut mowers because of the durability and construction of the mower. It is made to clear vacant lots, trails, paths or around ponds with ease. The Billy Goat BC2600HM is equipped with a powerfu...
Swisher Predator (24") 11.5HP Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower
The Swisher WBRC11524 is the perfect option for people looking to take down areas of overgrown weeds, brush, small saplings and just about anything else your typical mower is going to be over matched for. Unlike the larger tow-behind models which cal...