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How to Safely Lift a Riding Lawn Mower

By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert

Servicing a walk-behind lawn mower is a piece of cake. Simply push it onto its side and get to work.

Good luck trying to turn a riding lawn tractor or zero turn mower over.

These heavy-duty machines weigh hundreds of pounds. You can seriously injure yourself or damage the mower if you do it incorrectly.

Now, imagine if you had a lift to quickly raise and lower your mower. Best of all, you could crank the handle using an ordinary cordless drill.

MoJack Lawn Mower Maintenance Lifts
MoJack makes several maintenance lifts, capable of supporting lawn tractors and zero turn mowers up to 750 lbs. With a lawn mower maintenance lift, you can safely and easily service your mower from the comfort of your own garage.

Just hoist it up on the lift for easy access to the underside of your riding mower. From here you can change your oil and cutting blades more safely.

Unsafe Tractor LiftDon't Try This at Home
Here is an example of an incorrect and unsafe way to lift a riding lawn mower. We can't even count the number of ways you could hurt yourself trying to do maintenance with this method.

Take our word for it, don't try it.


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