Reel Mower Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Reel Lawn Mower

By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert

Reel lawn mowers are sometimes thought of as old-fashioned, but they're making a comeback.

They’re easy on your ears, good for the environment, great exercise and inexpensive to maintain.

Think about it: Scissors and string trimmers both cut grass. They just do it differently. Reel lawn mowers cut more like a pair of high performance scissors.

Reel mowers use several blades which spin like a paddle boat, pulling the grass into the mower so the cutter bar can clip it.

They work great on grass. However, reel mowers have difficulty cutting harder twigs and branches. If your yard has many mature trees, a reel mower probably isn’t for you.

1. Select Number of Blades
Different Grass TypesReel mowers use 4, 5, or 7 blades. The type of grass you mow will determine how many blades you’ll need.

For bent, heavier grasses such as Bermuda or St. Augustine, get a 7-blade mower.

For finer, thinner grasses such as Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, 5-blade mowers work well.

2. Select Width
Reel Lawn Mower WidthsReel lawn mowers come in different widths, ranging from 14-20 inches. The wider the mower; the faster you’ll mow. A 20-inch mower will cut a lawn 30 percent faster than a 14-inch mower.

Since you will be providing the “horsepower” for your reel mower, you might break a little sweat. Don’t worry. The heaviest reel mower is only 50 pounds.

Popular Accessories
American Lawn Mower Grass CatcherReel mowers leave behind nutrient-rich grass clippings which fertilize your lawn.

If you want a tidier yard, you should consider a grass catcher. Attach it behind the mower, and as you walk, the clippings collect in the catcher.

American Lawn Mower Reel Mower Sharpening KitOne thing you’re sure to love about your reel mower is it’s super simple to sharpen.

Just apply an abrasive paste to the blades, push the mower and the blades sharpen themselves as they spin.


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