Tow-Behind Rough Cut Mower Buyer's Guide

Tow-Behind Rough Cut Mower Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Tow-Behind Rough Cut Mower

By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert
By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert

The pioneers of the old West used wagons.

These trail blazers forged through daunting wilderness and brush on their way to the Pacific.

There may not be new land to discover, but there is still plenty of the wild left to tame.

With a tow-behind rough cut mower, you can tame what's left of the wilderness on your property.



Trail Cutter with BladesRough cut mowers are tough mowers, designed to handle overgrown brush, weeds, and saplings. They aren't designed to mow regular grass like your lawn.

The blades on a rough cut mower aren't like a traditional rotary mower. Instead, they are equipped with two hardened steel blades that swing back and forth, like a pendulum. These blades can pulverize branches up to 3" thick.


Articulating Hitch

Tow-Behind Mower HitchEquipped with an articulating hitch, tow-behind rough cut mowers can be offset to the left or right of your towing vehicle.

This is important when cutting through brush so you don't have to drive directly through the wilderness. It's also useful when mowing under low hanging trees or in ditches.

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