When Is the Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

Best Times to Buy a New Mower

Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert

Thinking about a new mower? Trying to find out when lawn mowers go on sale? You might have more options available throughout the year than you think.

It’s not just about the money you save; it’s also about the selection you can choose from and the value you receive after you pay the purchase price. Not to brag too much, but at Mowers Direct, we offer expert advice, selection, and convenience that you won’t see elsewhere.

We also have a number of years of experience selling mowers, so we know what to expect during each season. Find out what we think the best times of year to buy a mower are!


Buying a Lawn Mower in Spring

Lawn Mower in SpringFor a lot of shoppers, price is important. However, it’s also important to consider the selection of new mowers available for the price you’re hoping to pay.

February is the month that we see a lot of interest starting to build around lawn and garden equipment, so it’s probably not surprising that we consider the period from the end February through the beginning of March the best time to buy a mower.

All that interest that we see from consumers? It’s largely because they know that early spring is when they can start to see manufacturers’ new models on the market. Manufacturers ship their latest equipment just ahead of the prime growing season, which means that, come March, our inventory is well-stocked with the latest and greatest options.

Plus, because manufacturers know that spring is when many people have mowers on their minds, some of them offer spring-season promotions between March and May, again to capture that interest.


Buying a Lawn Mower in Summer

Lawn Mower in SummerSummer is prime mowing season. By June, most homeowners and professionals have bought their lawn care equipment for the year and have already accumulated several hours of work on them. In fact, for some people, it’s already time for some mid-season maintenance!

If you’re shopping for a new lawn mower in summer, chances are it’s because your old lawn mower has broken down beyond repair. Your selection might be more limited, but you’ll still find several options available and maybe even a pricing special here and there.


Buying a Lawn Mower in Fall

Lawn Tractor in FallCheck any reputable website, and you’ll find a lot of them saying the same thing. Fall is widely considered the best time of year to buy a lawn mower for one reason: the closeouts.

Come September, outdoor power equipment retailers begin to put the current year’s mower models on clearance. Their focus needs to shift to offering equipment for autumn and winter, such as chain saws, log splitters, and snow blowers. As a result, they need to clear out their spring and summer inventory quickly.

One downside of waiting until autumn to shop for a lawn mower is that, again, your possible selection might be reduced compared to what it was in February. The later in the year it gets, the smaller a retailer’s mower inventory gets. Waiting ends up being a bit of a gamble.

Another is that you won’t be going into the next mowing season with the most current model. If having the latest and greatest features on your zero turn is important to you, your best bet is to shop when the newest models become available.

Sometimes, though, good things come to those who wait. For excellent pricing, fall can be a good time to shop for next year’s lawn mower.


Buying a Lawn Mower in Winter

Lawn in WinterConventional wisdom says to avoid buying a lawn mower in winter. There’s a good reason for this: if you buy a mower in winter but don’t unpack and set up your mower until spring, you might not know if it’s damaged or missing parts.

However, inspecting your mower promptly when you receive it can take care of that concern.

Shopping for a mower in winter means that you’re available to look at holiday deals. Holiday sales events like Power Equipment Direct's Cyber Deal Days offer excellent prices on all kinds of lawn care equipment, especially equipment like walk-behind mowers that fit under (or close to) the Christmas tree.

Plus, there’s still a chance of mowers being available as part of an end-of-the-year closeout during the winter months.

And if you’re a lawn care professional, winter offers one more chance for you to purchase a mower that you can deduct on your annual taxes as a business expense.


Any Time Is a Good Time for a Mower

Mowers for the Whole YearNo matter what time of year you’re shopping, it’s always possible to find a deal on a wide variety of mowers, especially when there are savings programs in place.

Just as important as the price you pay, however, is the value you receive for that price. Whenever you buy your mower, make sure the shopping experience meets all your criteria:

With Mowers Direct, you’ll find that value available all throughout the year. You can learn about new products and sales by following us on social media and signing up for our email list at the bottom of this page!


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Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert
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