Mower Madness 2018

Mower Madness 2018

Vote for Your Favorite Brands in Mower Madness 2018

By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert

THEY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! Bob-Cat Mowers has done it again! Congratulations on an epic win!

The start of the Tourney looked incredibly tough with so many well-recognizable names giving it their all. We saw an insane amount of support for loyalists and manufacturers alike, but it all came down to who could motivate their team and their fan base more.

Bob-Cat created a viral social media campaign with video and shared everything with their fans on their social pages and that’s what it took to win. Congratulations again to this year’s Mower Madness Champion and to all who played!

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2018 Mower Madness Champion

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