Honda VersAttach Powerhead System

Honda VersAttach Powerhead System

Introducing Honda's VersAttach Multi-Tool System

Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert

Powerheads are growing in popularity due to a desire for reduced maintenance and space saving.

The VersAttach System from Honda offers six lawn care tools that utilize the same motor to reduce maintenance by 85% when compared to caring for six separate engines.

The split-boom design allows for easier storage, so you can easily fit your equipment on a shelf in your garage or haul it in the trunk of a car.


Honda's Multi-Tool VersAttach System Powerheads

Honda VersAttach Powerhead ToolThe VersAttach Powerhead provides the power of a Honda 4-cycle engine (available in 25cc or 35cc) for six separate attachable tools.

No tools are required for locking the attachments in place, thanks to a SureLoc Joint Locking System. You simply push and click the attachment in place.

The 4-cycle engine requires no mixing of gas and oil, is easy to start, produces less smoke and odor, and provides the lowest sound level in the industry.

Its robust low-end torque enables you to do more with less throttle, and the built-in anti-vibration rubber mounted shaft reduces operator fatigue.

For slightly better fuel efficiency and less fatigue, you can save a little money by choosing the 25cc model. However, if you're looking for added power and performance, you may wish to invest a little more for the 35cc powerhead.


VersAttach Attachments

Honda VersAttach AttachmentsThe following six attachments for the Honda VersAttach can be easily interchanged to complete multiple tasks with the same powerhead. They're all compatible with either of the VersAttach powerheads, and they all click in with a simple SureLoc push and click fastening system that takes the guesswork out of properly securing them.


VersAttach String Trimmer Attachment

Honda VersAttach String TrimmerThis is a heavy-duty, rugged trimmer attachment, designed for residential and commercial use alike.

It has a 2-line bump-feed head, so you simply tap the head against the ground to gain more line. It has a reinforced nylon cutting head that increases durability and longevity for demanding applications.

At only 3.1 pounds, it adds very little weight to your powerhead. A 3-year consumer warranty (2-year for commercial), it's well covered for any manufacturer related defects.

View: Honda VersAttach String Trimmer Attachment


VersAttach Lawn Edger Attachment

Honda VersAttach EdgerSave space over traditional wheeled edgers with this simple attachment. The 7.87" blade has an anti-wear strip that extends the lifespan of the edger when working around stone and concrete.

The strong, sharp blade cuts clean edges along any straight or curved borders or walkways. The attached wheel enables you to comfortably and easily guide the edger along its path to maintain smooth and consistent edging.

View: Honda VersAttach Lawn Edger Attachment


VersAttach Pole Pruner Attachment

Honda VersAttach Pole PrunerPrune branches and trim trees with Honda's VersAttach pole pruning attachment. It makes upkeep of branches and limbs as easy as clicking in a new attachment.

The pruning attachment features a 25" extended shaft to give you optimal reach, and a 12' bar with Oregon's 91 Series chain for clean and effective cutting.

There's a translucent oil reservoir to help you ensure you always have optimal oil to prevent damage during operation.

View: Honda VersAttach Pole Pruner Attachment


VersAttach Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Honda VersAttach Hedge TrimmerTame, shape, or manage hedges and shrubs with the Honda VersAttach hedge trimmer attachment. Featuring rugged quality components, it's easy to trim in both directions. This makes it great for right- and left-handed people alike, but also speeds up operation so you can cut with each swipe of the blade.

The VersAttach hedge trimmer attachment also features a pivot point that allows you to angle the blade for comfort, maneuverability, and more perfectly rounded bushes and hard-to-reach places.

View: Honda VersAttach Hedge Trimmer Attachment


VersAttach Blower Attachment

Honda VersAttach Leaf BlowerThe VersAttach blower attachment produces a lot of power and volume for clearing large areas of debris. To increase comfort and performance, Honda has designed this blower so that the blower itself is angled parallel to the ground for a targeted airflow.

Air is pulled into the blower head from the top, helping to prevent clogging during operation so you have continuous airflow.

When coupled with the 25cc powerhead, this blower attachment puts out 184 MPH air speed with up to 230 CFM of air volume. When coupled with the 35cc powerhead, this blower attachment puts out 195 MPH air speed with up to 250 CFM of air volume.

View: Honda VersAttach Blower Attachment


VersAttach Cultivator Attachment

Honda VersAttach CultivatorGot some flower beds or a backyard garden that need cultivating? Make quick work of small cultivating jobs with Honda's VersAttach cultivator attachment.

This cultivator provides the ability to maintain small garden beds for prime soil conditions. Its 6.5" width provides good efficiency while enabling you to maneuver around plants.

The 9.4" diameter tines stir several inches deep into the soil and provide plenty of torque for handling more compact soil. Coupled with one of the VersAttach powerheads, this cultivator can handle tough jobs without bogging down.

View: Honda VersAttach Cultivator Attachment

Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert
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