Introducing the Best Rototillers of 2019

Introducing the Best Rototillers of 2019

Tillers Direct Reveal 2019’s Top Tillers and Cultivators

BOLINGBROOK, IL (April 25, 2019) - The arrival of spring marks the arrival of Tillers Direct’s highly anticipated lists of the Best Tillers of 2019.

The online retailer currently offers almost 50 models of garden tillers, cultivators, and related tools on its site. To date, it also has published almost 2000 customer reviews of its products. However, the company believes in providing shoppers with as much value as possible.

To do that, Tillers Direct uses a proprietary algorithm to assign each item on the site a letter grade based on user feedback. That rating is designed to give customers a comprehensive picture of the benefits of each tiller.

“We’re always happy to share advice with our customers, no matter where that advice comes from,” says Jake Woltman, product expert at Tillers Direct. “When people look at our lists of the best tillers, they’ll be able to see which tillers got the best customer reviews and which tillers are our best sellers, in addition to seeing personal recommendations.”

According to Woltman, three factors make Tillers Direct’s 2019 rototiller rankings the best resource that shoppers will find:

1. Three Lists for Every Category
For every category of product on its site, Tillers Direct sorts its products into three lists:
  • Best-selling: products with the highest sales numbers
  • Top-rated: products with the most favorable reviews
  • Expert-recommended: products that the store sales expert recommends based on testing and customer feedback

“Whether someone wants to buy our top-selling tiller or maybe another one that I’d recommend, that person will be able to get that information right there on our site,” Woltman says.

2. Real-Time Updates
Woltman, who works directly with many of the top manufacturers of tillers and cultivators in the outdoor power equipment industry, understands the importance of getting the most current information..

“When you see a recent product review, you just feel more confident that the experience that person had with a product will be similar to the experience that you’re going to have,” explains Woltman. “That’s why the grade that each product on our site receives is continually being updated through our algorithm.”

3. Free Access
Unlike other online retail sites, Tillers Direct doesn’t hide its product rankings behind a paywall or require shoppers to sign up for any kind of subscription to see them. Instead, it makes the information available for free on its site so that anyone can pick the perfect tiller.

“Buying technical products is supposed to be simple,” Woltman says. “When you have all the information right in front of you the moment you’re ready to buy, it’s easy to find the perfect rototiller.”

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