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The turf experts at Mowers Direct discuss the benefits of using sod, and how to maintain sod in your lawn. With water, fertilizing and some diligence, sod can look fantastic at your home.

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A Lawn, Sod Story

How To Use Sod For A Beautiful Yard

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A Lawn, Sod Story

We'd all love to have a bountiful field of lush green grass as our lawn, but that's easier said than done.

Sod is commonly used on barren areas to establish grass quickly.

If you've ever bought a new home and had to sod your lawn, you know it's a delicate process.

However, when done correctly, using sod can give you a beautiful lawn in no time. Just follow these few simple steps:

  • Wet The Ground - This one is the easiest. Just water the ground before you lay down the sod. Starting the sod on dry soil slows the process.

  • Fertilizer Spreader
    Fertilize It
    - To stimulate growth, you'll have to fertilize your freshly-laid sod lawn. Don't wait more than two weeks for the first application.

    Also, don't use a chemical fertilizer. These can produce adverse effects. Opt for an organic fertilizer instead, the grass will be healthier for it.

    The most consistent way to apply fertilizer is with a spreader, but you can do it by hand or with a rake as well. Continue to fertilize your lawn monthly.

  • Grass Fungus
    Check For Fungus - This one might not be as easy, but it's very important. As plants grow, fungus can sprout up alongside.

    If you notice any spots, or patches where grass is dying, this is an indicator. Fungus thrives in moisture, so don't water your sod for a day and apply a fungicide instead.

  • Lawn Sprinkler
    Water It - Like most plants, grass needs copious amounts of water to prosper. Sod is like a puppy, when you first get it, it'll require a lot of attention.

    For the first several days following your addition of sod, water it twice a day. This is especially important if you put down the sod during the summer or in warm months. For the next week or two, water the sod daily.

    From there, you can water it more sporadically, or as needed. But just remember, to continue growing and thriving, you'll need to continue watering your sod.

  • Mowing Sod
    Mow It - Now for the fun. About two weeks after laying the sod (or when it's about 4" high), it should be time to mow it.

    Don't scalp the lawn. Only cut about a half inch at a time. Maintain the grass at about 2" - don't cut it shorter than that. Make sure your mower blade is sharp because if not, it'll tear the grass out rather than chop it.
Sod is a great way to bring a lush landscape to an otherwise unappealing lawn. With a little hard work, you can sod your way to the finest yard in the neighborhood.

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