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ENTRY-LEVEL ZERO TURN BUYER'S GUIDE: How to Buy a Small Zero Turning Radius Lawn Mower. Mowers Direct product experts offer tips on what to consider when buying a small zero turn mower.

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Entry-Level ZTR Lawn Mowers

How to Pick the Perfect Entry-Level Zero Turn

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Jose, the Lawn Mower Expert
Entry-Level ZTR Lawn Mowers

Entry-level zero turn mowers devour sprawling expanses of turf without breaking the bank.

More importantly, they maneuver around obstacles - like trees, shrubs and flower beds - much easier than a lawn or garden tractor.

There are two important considerations when shopping for an entry-level zero turn mower:

ZTR Cutting Deck
How Big is Your Yard?
This will determine how large of a cutting deck you'll need. Deck size refers to the width of the cut. The wider the cutting deck, the faster you will be able to mow your lawn.

Up to 1 Acre = 34-42 Deck
1-2 Acres = 42-50 Deck
2+ Acres = Not Recommended

Most entry-level zero turn mowers feature smaller, two-blade cutting systems. Yes, they can cut larger properties. However, we recommend upgrading to a mid-grade model instead of investing your entire weekend mowing.

Gate Fence Lawn
Distance Between Objects
Sometimes bigger isn't always better. The biggest challenge for a zero turn mower is fitting through narrow spaces.

If you have a forest of closely knit trees or small gates, we recommend measuring the distance between the tightest objects to ensure your zero turn will actually fit.

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