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Gang Reel Mower Buyer's Guide: How To Pick The Perfect Tow-Behind Gang Reel Mower. Pick the perfect gang reel mower by selecting the number of reels you want or how wide you need to cut. Gang reel mowers can cut up to 11 feet wide. Gang reel mowers can cut down on mowing time significantly.

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Gang Reel Mower Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Gang Reel Mower

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Gang Reel Mower Buyer's Guide

Mowing a massive yard with a push reel mower is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Instead of fighting turf wars alone, bring the whole gang to mow down up to 11 feet of grass in just one pass.

Gang mowers are built with a gang of three, five or seven reels, giving you a manicured lawn in a fraction of the time.

Healthy Turf
Huge Lawn
A gang reel mower provides a scissor-quality cut, greatly reducing moisture loss promoting a rich, green, healthy turf.

The clippings fall back onto your lawn, providing the turf with a natural fertilizer as they decompose.

Each reel will follow the contour of the turf, eliminating scalping or uneven cuts.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race
Don't be seduced by claims of blistering mowing speeds with a gang reel mower.

Gang Mowers Speed
Generally, 4 - 5 mph is the top speed for a good quality of cut. Any faster and these mowers tend not to cut or discharge properly.

Although you have to take them slow, you cut hours from your mowing time with their vast cutting width.

Number of Reels
Three reel gang mowers are the smallest with cutting widths between 4 - 5 feet.

Gang Mower Reels
Five reel gang mowers will get the job done faster with cutting widths of 6 - 8 feet.

For really large expanses of grass, seven reel gang mowers have cutting widths of more than 11 feet.

Pulling the Mower
Simplicity Tractor
Gang mowers can weigh hundreds of pounds so you need something powerful to pull them.

Garden tractors have large enough engines to handle the job.

You can also attach a gang mower to an ATV.

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